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Publicis Groupe offers a variety of tasks, constant ideas sharing, opportunities to maximize and realize your professional and intellectual potential. Our adaptability and flexible organizational structure allow us to open up new perspectives constantly and provides our employees a chance to discover their talents in related areas. This is what we call the synthesis of technology and creativity and it happens here.


You will have an individual career development plan, access to the local and international educational programs, exchange programs, and much more.

Chief Talent Officer

Victoria Honcharenko

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Publicis Groupe’s internal platform is designed to simplify workflows and make the distance between countries virtually invisible.


Would you like to join a creative team in Brazil or talk to strategists from the Netherlands? You will be able to do that with Marcel.


You сan also check out all the cutting-edge news of the Groupe and the advertising market, read the latest articles, interviews, and much other interesting information.

Marcel Classes

Our talents are at the core of our business. Marcel Classes is a global educational platform we created for them. It blends thousands of different lectures, seminars, webinars, training programs, experiences of leading specialists of the Groupe.


You would enjoy Marcel Classes if you want to study more about effective Project Management, to learn how to deal with Data Science finally, to find out what opinion leaders write about and why they do that, what Programmatic is and how it got to become a trendy digital tool. Moreover, you can take a yoga class with a coach without leaving your home.

My Career Conversation

You can never have too many conversations about your career

My Career Conversation is a unique and modern Talent Performance tool at Publicis Groupe.  Employee career planning is aimed not only at our employees’ development but also at the growth of our business.

At the beginning of the calendar year, each employee and their manager together review last year’s goals and compile development plan, goals, and necessary training for the next year.  My Career Conversation develops our talents and inspires them to realize their ambitions.

Go Grow

Publicis Groupe Ukraine’s local educational program. It provides a series of lectures and training from the Groupe’s specialists.


This program allows you gain or share new practical knowledge and skills, set up connections with colleagues from different agencies and departments, as well as grow your professional level and career.


The Groupe’s employee worldwide exchange program. It’s a kind of “Work and Travel”, but only for those, who work in Publicis Groupe. You’re in Kyiv today, but you can walk the rainy streets of London soon coming back from Publicis Groupe UK office. Who knows, next time you can admire Paris evening lights or Ho Chi Minh City marvelous exotic. Just imagine all the great experiences and stories expecting you!


Travel. Learn. Grow. Transform.

Power of Young (trainee program)

We understand, how it is difficult to start your career without any experience. To become our intern you don’t need it at all. Do you want to try yourself as a Copywriter, SMM manager, Designer, or do you prefer a PR Manager, or Data Analyst? It’s easy, just make a wish and send your CV + cover letter to this email:

You will get three months of real projects and tasks, challenges and discoveries, or even the real first job in one of the Publicis Groupe Ukraine agencies 😉

Corporate health insurance programs

Foreign language courses

Access to а global Groupe' resources

The office is where you are

A reasonable balance between remote work and a comfortable office in the city center.


SMM Manager

SMM Manager More

Trainee Media Buyer

Trainee Media Buyer More

Trainee Account Manager

Trainee Account Manager More

Trainee Copywriter

Trainee Copywriter More

Trainee Integration Team Manager

Trainee Integration Team Manager More

Digital Designer

Digital Designer More

SMM Manager

SMM Manager More

Trainee PR Manager

Trainee PR Manager More

Media Planner (Media Account Manager)

Media Planner (Media Account Manager) More

Media Buyer (Media Planner)

Media Buyer (Media Planner) More

Trainee Digital Planner

Trainee Digital Planner More

Senior Integration Team Manager / Senior Account Manager

Senior Integration Team Manager / Senior Account Manager More

Trainee Integration Team Manager

Trainee Integration Team Manager More

Senior Integration Team Manager / Senior Account Manager

Senior Integration Team Manager / Senior Account Manager More

Art Director

Art Director More

Trainee PPC Specialist

Trainee PPC Specialist More

Project Manager

Project Manager More

Account Manager

Account Manager More

Account Manager

Account Manager More

Creative Copywriter

Creative Copywriter More

Integration Team Lead

Integration Team Lead More

PPC Specialist

PPC Specialist More
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