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Any data collected through the website, including Personal Data (if the decision to collect will be made), will only be used for analysis of evaluation given and to improve this website and Publicis Groupe’s agencies in Ukraine performance. Once collected, Personal Data will not be used for a different incompatible purpose without consent of the person who provided them. “CCM” SE, a Publicis Groupe company, is regarded as the Data Controller if the decision to collect Personal Data will be made.

We take the protection of data privacy very seriously. If the decision to collect Personal Data will be made, all Personal Data collected through the website will be treated as strictly confidential and will only be used as set out in this Privacy Notice. The applicable data protection laws shall be respected in full.

Therefore, please read this Privacy Notice thoroughly. If you disagree with the way collected data will be used, please do not use this Website.

 I. Purpose of data collection

We may collect Personal Data through the Website with the main purpose to perform a website user satisfaction survey and to evaluate Publicis Groupe agencies performance in Ukraine. We will inform on the mention decision to collect Personal Data additionally by renewing this Privacy Notice.

II. What Personal Data do we collect and process?

Personal Data means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (i.e. living individual).

As for now, we do not collect any Data recognizing as Personal Data according to the current legislation of Ukraine.

III. What legal ground(s) do we rely on?

We do not collect Personal Data by default.

IV. With whom do we share Website Data?

Within the Publicis Groupe we will share website data only with limited personnel within CCM SE, who are responsible for the website support.

We will not disclose collected data to anyone else under any circumstances except as otherwise stated in this Privacy Notice, to successors in title to our business, to establish, exercise or defend our rights, or where required by law.

V. Who is processing the Website Data?

We have engaged Internet Invest LLC as a processor that will help with website data storage in Ukraine. Any processing of the website data by this party is in accordance with our instructions.

If the services of third parties for the technical maintenance, administration or processing of data are required, the website data will be accessed by these parties only to the extent that is required to ensure a smooth and secure technical handling of the website and in compliance with applicable law, including with respect to data confidentiality, privacy and security.

VI. Viewing, Editing, Updating or Deletion of the Website Data:

Please contact Daria Malikhatko  (Research & Analytics Director) if you want to see any Data related with you and stored in our records. We will honor your legal right to view Data related with you in accordance with applicable privacy law.

If you think that any of the data collected through the Website is incorrect, confusing or incomplete, please contact Daria Malikhatko You may also ask us to erase, restrict or port Data related with you and you may tell us if you object to our use of the mentioned Data.

Website data will be stored by us in accordance with our applicable data retention requirements and corporate policies.

VII. Data Security

We use a variety of methods, such as firewalls, intrusion detection software and manual security procedures, to secure your data against loss or damage and to help protect the accuracy and security of Data collected through the Website and to prevent unauthorized access or improper use. If you think that the Website or any Data is not secure or that there has been unauthorized access to the Website or Data related with you, please contact Daria Malikhatko or Elena Andriyenko immediately.

VIII. Confidentiality

Please note that we treat website data as strictly confidential.

IX. Data Transfers

As for now, we do not collected and transfer Personal Data. However, we ensure that if we will make decision to collect and transfer Personal Data, we will inform about this decision by this Privacy Notice renewing and all data transfers and processing comply with applicable legal requirements. Should you wish to know more about out personal data protection rules please contact Elena Andriyenko,

X. Use of cookies

A cookie is a small file, which is placed on your computer’s hard drive.

As for now, we do not use cookies.

XI. Notification of changes

If we will make decision to collect Personal Data, we will change this Privacy Notice immediately; their renewed version will be promptly communicated through this Website. As in the mentioned case we may need to obtain your consent to collect your Personal Data, you should check back to see whether there are mentioned changes. Continued use of the Website after a change in the Privacy Notice indicates your acknowledgement and acceptance of the use of Personal Data in accordance with the amended Privacy Notice.

If you wish to save this text, please mark the entire statement (e.g. with your mouse) and copy-paste by pushing ctrl-c.

XII. Further Information

For further information on Publicis Groupe please visit our website –

If you consider that we are not complying with this Privacy Notice or if you have any questions in relation to this Privacy Notice, please contact Elena Andriyenko You may also lodge a formal complaint with your competent data protection authority.


Renewed: June 2021

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