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Let our #ІСТОРІЇVСЕРЕДИНІ be heard or how to involve the audience in delicate dialog

Let our #ІСТОРІЇVСЕРЕДИНІ be heard or how to involve the audience in delicate dialog


The category of female hygiene products is highly competitive, where each of the brands in its communications informs about the quality benefits of the product. Differentiation is extremely important for brands like this. It helps to build the affinitive territory. Libresse has set a goal for itself –  To create a world where women can live the life they want, by breaking V-zone taboos, and the Libresse brand will help her feel confident and protected. regardless of the day of the cycle.


Globally, powerful communication has been developed for the Libresse. All our #історіїVсередині need to be heard. To know each other. To help each other. To see each other. And no woman can be forced to hide what she feels inside. Changes in communication have also affected the brand’s appearance.

Decision: not just to scale a new brand message, but to engage women to share their own stories: to learn one, to help one, to see one. Our #історіїVсередині must be heard.


To be seen: attracting coverage media: TV + Digital, connecting Discovery Ads in YT and organically received a significant number of social network shares.

To be heard: A sexual podcast with The Village, to break taboos around sex and the V-zone.

To be discerning: By making influencers the voices of the brand who told their stories by launching WOM on social media

To be informed: Drove traffic to the website with paid search by posting a fun period’s test on Wonderzine.


  • 70% reach TA
  • More than 1М views
  • +3 p.p. TOM
  • +1 p.p. value share of the premium period pads segment
  • +3 p.p. “Brand, which breaking intimate zone taboos” attribute
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