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The “Minefields Honey” project will help raise funds for demining Ukraine

The “Minefields Honey” project will help raise funds for demining Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the most heavily mined countries in the world. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, it encompasses 30% of the territory, over 174,000 square kilometers, including private lands, critical infrastructure, forests, and fields. The international community is still calculating how many years and billions of dollars it will take to demine these areas. In the meantime, thousands of hectares of land remain dangerous for people and unsuitable for agriculture.

The idea of the Minefields Honey is simple and powerful: to avoid contact with landmines, drones sow mined agricultural fields with a special mixture of honey-producing plants. Following which, bees will be attracted to collect nectar from these plants, unafraid of the mines.

Here you can find the teaser video of the project:

The collected honey will serve as a powerful tool for Ukrainian diplomats who will present these honey harvested from minefields during their meetings and international visits, offering it as a gift to diplomats and prominent public figures across the globe.

Minefields Honey is the project of  Saatchi & Saatchi Ukraine creative agency, supported by agrarian company Kernel and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. It is also being advised and assisted by Dronarium Ukraine, and the Union of Beekeepers of Ukraine.

“This project will allow the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to draw more attention to the issue of Russian landmines on Ukrainian soil and mobilize additional resources for its resolution. Diplomatic efforts use every opportunity to achieve results. All creative and technological means are aimed at strengthening our communication and rapidly clearing Ukrainian land of Russian mines and munitions,” said Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba. 

Furthermore, a special design for beehives has been developed for the project in the form of warning signs about the mine danger. 

“The strength of the idea lies in offering a practical solution to ensure that fields do not remain fallow and, at the same time, emphasizing the importance of demining our territories. This is a matter of the safety of farmers and those working on the land, a crucial component of Ukraine’s food security. We understand that the project is complex and long-term in its implementation. However, we believe that each new stage will attract more attention from diplomats and communities worldwide. We anticipate that this heightened attention will contribute to a positive transformation of the situation”. – added Kosta Schneider, Creative Director Publicis Groupe Ukraine & Czech Republic + Saatchi & Saatchi Ukraine.

“War through the eyes of Ukrainian agriculture is hundreds of thousands of hectares of minefields. Fields that cannot be sown. If hostilities were to end today, it would take farmers at least four years to return to pre-war crop production levels, and that’s under the most optimistic forecasts. Every day, the aggressor country plants, destroys, and damages. And we unite to continue working, restoring potential, and creating opportunities. Our company is pleased to be part of this inspired and life-affirming project. While demining is ongoing, we provide beekeepers access to areas where powerful agricultural machinery cannot reach. In this unconventional way, we affirm our belief in our homeland and its resilience.” – resumed Katerina Spivakova, Director of Communications and GR, Kernel. 

This year, the project’s authors conducted necessary consultations with agronomists and the State Emergency Service, as well as preparatory work with drones and a test sowing of the fields. A website for pre-ordering honey has also been made. In the spring of 2024, the project will be launched at full capacity.

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